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Rebecca Bird Journalist Editor

Rebecca Bird is a multimedia journalist and news editor. She has over 18 years of experience working on newspapers, news websites and radio stations in both the United Kingdom and the Caribbean region.

Rebecca holds a BSc, two post-graduate diplomas in journalism, a certificate in advanced radio production and regularly updates her knowledge with continuing professional development courses.

She strives to maintain and promote the cornerstones of ethics in journalism - accuracy, independence, humanity, impartiality and accountability.


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“Rebecca is a talented journalist with an eye for a story. She produces crisp, compelling copy to deadline, and is skilled in writing for online publications as well as print titles.”

David Triggs | Chester Chronicle | Former Content Editor


"I've always had a curiosity about the people around me. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to hear their stories, learn about their passions and fears, connect on a deeper level."


"I was born in London, England, where I spent the first half of my school life. Coming from a family of avid readers and professional writers, I quickly discovered of the joy of books.


"Throughout my childhood I digested hundreds upon hundreds of tales of past and future worlds, far off lands, distant universes. But it was the gritty, real life stories from the present day that interested me the most.


"I loved English lessons where I was taught the craft of writing - creating stories and communicating them in a vivid and interesting way to others. I wanted to move people with my words, make them question the world, drive them to action."


"During the second half of my school life I was pulled in several directions by my varied interests - maths, science, music and the arts were all fascinating to me.


"It was only after completing a BSc in Manchester in 2001 that a spark of clarity hit. I realised that choosing journalism as a career meant that I could develop my love of storytelling while still being immersed in the countless other topics that I enjoyed.


"I went on to study for a post graduate diploma in journalism before getting my lucky break into the profession on an east Manchester newspaper."

"I enjoyed my first journalism job as a trainee reporter immensely. I worked with an incredibly supportive team that helped me to develop my skills, while allowing me to follow my varied interests.

"My news patch was filled with hard news. It had been the home of notorious serial killers - Dr Harold Shipman, as well as Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - and resulted in lots of strong stories that needed to be handled sensitively.

"After two years covering crime, court, local politics, features and more, while assisting with sub editing my district page, I passed a second set of exams and was promoted to senior reporter."



"It was at about the same time that I was offered a job as a senior reporter with a national newspaper in the Caribbean.

"This exciting offer was to change the course of my life forever. Thrilled to take on this new adventure, I packed my bags, said my goodbyes and set off for the paradise archipelago of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

"I dove straight into the news scene in the TCI, soaking up the differences in environment and culture, and listening to all of the fascinating stories that people shared.

"Realising the newspaper didn't have its own website, I quickly taught myself to design, and created one, allowing TCI news to at last reach the international community.




"Having enjoyed producing the newscast as well as hosting a music radio show, I made the decision to head back to the UK and improve my skills.

"In 2011 I completed a course on radio production at a music school in London and went on to present and produce music shows and news for several UK stations.

"Over the next few years I took some time to travel and learn about new cultures. I lived in Thailand and Australia, freelancing as a journalist, editor, radio presenter, photographer and social media manager.

"In 2013 I returned to my beloved second home, the TCI, with my updated skills and a renewed excitement, to work again as a news editor on the national newspaper."

"It was a thrilling and rewarding time to be a journalist. The news was hard hitting and varied, and there was a real sense of journalistic impact.

"After a few years working as a reporter, I was promoted to news editor of the newspaper. I became responsible for managing a small team of staff and freelance reporters.

"Wanting to build on my skills and further promote the newspaper, I went on to write, present and produce a newscast that was broadcast on a local radio station.

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